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二、单项填空(本题有10小题,每小题1分;满分10分)请从A、B、C、D四个选项中选出可以填入空缺处的最佳选项。( ) 21. —How about ____ Christmas evening party??—I should say it was success.A. a B. theC. an D. /( ) 22. — This pen belongs to__ .___ is a red one.A. him, Mine B. his,MyC.him, My D. his, Mine( ) 23. — weather! Shall we go to the park? — Sounds great. Let’s go.A. What a fine B. What fineC. How fine D.How a fine( ) 24. Many countries, American, Japan, Brazil and Spain, want to hostthe 2016 Olympic Games.A. beside B.butC. including D. except( ) 25. -Math is difficult forme. How I wish to improve it!-Don’tlose your confidence. I believe you will ______ it if you keep trying.A. take B. workC. pick D. make( ) 26. —What’sthis?—It’s _______ one-eyedsick dog that needs _______ X-ray.A. a, a B. an, anC.a, an D.an, a( ) 27. —______ do you go to the English club?— Twice a week.A. How far B. How oftenC.How long D. How soon( ) 28. —CanI help you?—I want to buy a book.But there are too many books here. I don’t know_______.A. where to buy B. which to buyC.when to buy D. how to buy( ) 29. — Afterreading the story about Chen Ji, I was very impressed.— _______. He is reallywarm-hearted.A. So was I B.So did IC. So Iwas D.So I did( ) 30.—Timhasn’t arrived yet. I don’t know .—I don’t know, either.But the meeting will begin soonA . When Tim willarrive.B.why is Tim late.C. Where will Tim arrive.D.how will Tim come.三、完形填空(共15小题,每小题1分,共15分)阅读下面漫笔,掌握其大意,然后从每题所给的A、B、C、D四个选项中选出最佳选项,使文章完整,通顺。During his collegeyears, Sherman Rogers spent a summer in logging (伐木) camp. When the boss had to leavefor 31 days, he put Rogers in charge (掌管).“What shall I do if themen 32 to follow my orders?” Rogers asked. Hethought of Tony, a worker who complained all day, gave the other men a 33 time.“Fire (开除) them,”the boss said. Then, as if reading Rogers’ mind, he added, “I suppose you aregoing to fire Tony if you get the 34 . I’d feel badly about that. I have beenlogging for 40 years. Tony is one of the best workers I’ve ever had. I know hehates everybody and 35 . But he comes in first and leaves last.There has not been an 36 for eight years on the hill where he works.”The next day, Rogerswent to Tony, “Tony, do you know I’m in charge here today?” Tony said yes. “Iwas going to fire you the first time we quarreled, 37 I want you to know I’m not,” he told Tony,adding 38 theboss had said.When he finished, Tonydropped the things in his hand and tears went down his 39 .“Why didn’t he tell me that eight years 40 ?”That day Tony worked 41 thanever before – and he smiled!Rogers went back to 42 afterthat summer. Twelve years later he met Tony again who was now boss for one ofthe largest logging companies in the West. Rogers asked him how he came toCalifornia and happened to be so 43 .Tony replied, “Were itnot for the one minute you talk to me back that day, I would kill somebody someday. One minute 44 mywhole life.”Have you got one minuteto thank someone? One minute to appreciate (浏览) her or him? One minute. It canmake a 45 for a lifetime. Let’s thank someone forone minute.( ) 31. A.few B. a fewC.little D. a little( ) 32. A.decide B. refuse C.want D. ask( ) 33. A.good B. relaxing C.pleasant D. hard( ) 34. A.way B. suggestion C.chance D. problem( ) 35. A.something B.nothing C. everything D. nobody( ) 36. A.advertisement B. action C. idea D.accident( ) 37. A.and B. but C. so D.because( ) 38. A.what B. why C. how D. when( ) 39. A.head B. hair C.face D. hands( ) 40. A.before B. later C. old D.ago( ) 41. A.harder B. less C. lazier D.slower( ) 42. A.school B. bank C.hospital D. hotel( ) 43. A.healthy B. friendly C. successful D.careful( ) 44. A.waited B. changed C. left D.sent( ) 45. A.speech B. mistake C. decision D. difference四、阅读明白(本题有15小题,每小题2分;满分30分)阅读下面质料,从每题所给的A、B、C、D四个选项中选出最佳选项。

AInternational studentsin Christine Rhodes’ English class in Australia share their impressions (印象) of places they havevisited in Australia.Canberra,the nicest city in AustraliaI went for a shortholiday to Canberra. My uncle lives there. It’s the nicest city in Australia, alittle bit similar to Cairns. There’re lots of big rivers and trees around thecity.SiggiSiebold from Germany — The small city of Mount IsaI went to Mount Isa sixmonths ago. It’s a long way from Brisbane — about 2,000 km. It’s a small city, with a population of21,000, but it has all the basic facilities such as a base hospital, sixschools and supermarkets. Here the weather is hot and gets very little rain.There’re two big lakes to keep rainwater for people in the city to drink.Indra Ekanayake — Lake Moondarraand a mine (矿)In Mount Isa, there’s adam (水坝) called Lake Moondarra. At weekends you can go there with yourfriends, and it is beautiful. On the lake, there is water skiing. Also, peoplecan go fishing there.There’s a big mine inMount Isa. Many people go to work in the mine and earn a lot of money. MountIsa isn’t a beautiful green place, but many people love it.( ) 46. Siggi Siebold is from ____.A. AustraliaB.GermanyC.EnglandD.Indonesia( ) 47. Whatdoes the underlined word “facilities” probably mean in Chinese?A. 设施 B.土地C.交通 D. 胜景( ) 48. Lake Moondarra is a ____.A. cityB. mountainC. mineD. dam( ) 49. Whichof the following is TRUE?A. Siggi Siebold stayed in Canberra for sixmonths.B. Mount Isa is a famousvillage in Australia.C. People in Mount Isadrink rainwater.D. People can’t go waterskiing on the lake.BArthur Robert Ashe Jr. was the first African-American player totake part in the international sport of tennis at the highest level of thegame. He was born on July 10, 1943.When Arthur was 6, hismother died. Arthur, with his father and his brother, lived near a large parkin Richmond, Virginia. His father was the manager of the park. He took care ofthe park and made sure everything was right.Arthur was allowed toplay in the park when he was seven years old. He was quite energetic. Aswimming pool, tennis courts, and baseball diamonds (棒球场) were in the park.Arthur spent a lot of time playing there. He did well in sports, but he hadnever tried to play tennis.He often watched thetennis players. Sometimes there were tennis lessons, and Arthur would watcheven more carefully. The young man teaching the lessons noticed Arthur. Hisname was Ronald Charity.Mr. Charity asked Arthurif he wanted to learn to play tennis. Arthur was excited and agreed. Arthurlearned very quickly. Mr. Charity found Arthur would grow up to be a goodtennis player. By the time he was ten, Arthur won a tournament (联赛). Many older and biggerplayers came to the park trying to win the prize, but Arthur beat them. Hebecame known as “the kid who could play tennis”.Arthur grew up to be oneof the first successful African-American tennis players. He played and won all overthe world.( ) 50. Whichquestion is answered in Paragraph 2?A. Where did Arthur growup?B. Why did Arthur liketennis best?C. When was Arthur born?D. What did Arthur liketo do at school?( ) 51.Thepark offered people all of these EXCEPT ____.A. tennisB.footballC. baseballD. swimming( ) 52. Whatdid Arthur do for the first time at the age of ten?A. He entered the parkwhere his father worked.B. He copied tennismovements without holding a racket.C. He pretended to hit atennis ball back and forth over a net.D. He played tennisbetter than players who were older than he was.( ) 53.Thisarticle is a (n) ____.A. biography (传记)B. diaryC. advertisementD. piece of newsCThe Green Magic TreeHouse, in India, is the perfect hotel for anybody who likes adventure (冒险).Guests must drive for miles through the jungle to find it in the middle of teaand coffee plantation (种植园).There are two treehouses to choose from, one 30 meters and the other 35 meters above the ground.Both houses have two floors. The bedrooms are above the living area and thereare bathrooms and showers. You can get up to rooms and move between floors byusing ladders (梯子). You can go from one tree houseto the other on a rope bridge. The houses sometimes move about in the wind butthe views are fantastic.Guests can enjoy movingthrough the jungle, climbing in the mountains, and watching wildlife. There aremany unusual plants, birds, and insects in the area.The Ice Hotel is in Jukkasjarvi, a village in Sweden 200 kilometersnorth of the Arctic (北极) Circle. Every winter,a team of architects (修建师), designers and snowbuilders build the hotel. This year there are 80 rooms.Everything is made ofice. The walls, the floors, the ceilings (顶棚), and even thefurniture are made of ice. The beds are made of ice, too, but guests sleep onwarm deer skins. Outside it can be -37℃,so inside it feels quite comfortable. The hotel has a bar, where guests candrink vodka (伏特加) from glasses made of ice. It’svery popular — because there isn’t much else to do.To spend a night atJules Underwater Lodge in Florida, guests need to scuba dive (潜水)seven meters under the sea. They enter a small house through a door at thebottom of the building. Inside, the kitchen is stored with food and there is afridge and a microwave oven (微波炉). There is a hot showerand comfortable beds and lots of books, DVDsand video games. Most guests, however, spend their time at one of the largewindows watching different fishes swimming by.( ) 54. Bothof the Tree Houses have _______ floors inside.A. twoB. oneC. threeD.four( ) 55. Thewriter tells us three ___________ hotels.A. naturalB.unusualC.greenD.movable( ) 56. Whichof the following statements is TRUE?A. The bar in the icehotel is famous for beer.B. Fishes are watchedthrough the hotels’ windows.C. Guests can liveunderwater for several days.D. The tree houses areof the same height.DChinese are very generous (慷慨) when it comes to educating their children. Not caring about the money, parents often send their children to the best schools or even abroad to England, the United States or Australia. They also want their children to take extra-course activities. The Chinese believe that the more expensive an education is, the better it is. However what most parents fail to realize is that today’s children lack self-respect and self-confidence.Parents can achieve this by teaching practical skills like cooking, sewing and doing other housework.Cooking demands (要求) patience and time. A good cook always tries to improve his cooking. so he will learn to work hard and gradually (逐渐) finish his job successfully. His result, a well-cooked dinner, will give him much satisfaction and a lot of self confidence.Some old machines, such as a broken radio or TV set that you give your child to play with will make him curious and arouse his interest. He will spend hours looking at them, trying to fix them; your child might become an engineer when he grows up. These activities are not merely teaching a child to read a book, but rather to think, to use his mind. And that is more important.( ) 57.According to this passage, parents in China_______.A. are too strict with their childrenB. are too rich to educate their childrenC. have some problems ineducating their children correctlyD. are too poor to educate their children( ) 58.Generally speaking, what most parents fail to realize is_____.A. that their children need to take extra-course activitiesB. that the moreexpensive an education is, the better it isC. that today’s children lack self-respect and self-confidenceD. that their children first need to be a good cook if they want to get good marks in the exams( ) 59. Doingsome cooking at home helps children_____. ,A. learn how to serve their parentsB. learn how to become strong and fatC. benefit (受益)from it and prepare themselves for the futureD. make their parents believe that they are clever( ) 60.According to the last paragraph we can conclude that____.A. broken radios and television sets are usefulB. one’s curiosity maybe useful for his later life.C. an engineer must fixmany broken radios.D. a good student should spend much time repairing radios卷Ⅱ五、词汇运用(本题有15小题;每小题1分;满分15分)A. 凭据句子的上下文内容和所给汉语提示,写出下列空缺处各单词的正确形式。每空一词。

61. You have to be ___________ (耐心的) if you are waiting atthe end of a long queue.62. Please don’t _____ (浪费) water. Can’t you see the sign “SaveWater”?63. Susan was so careless that she made many _____ (错误) in the test.64. The (努力) you work, the more progress you’llmake.65. My daughter likes sleeping with the windows (开着的) to keep the air fresh.66. Reading gives me a lot of ideas on how to make my____________(自己的) life better.67. Orville and Wilbur Wright, the two brothers___________ (发现) the airplane.68. I was ____________ (努力) to get a bottle of milk from thefridge when I lost the bottle.69. Robert, what a great __________ (杂乱) you have made!70. It was fantastic — you ________ (能够) seethe whole city, the river and the hills beyond.B. 用方框中所给单词的适当形式填空,使句子通顺、正确。每个单词限用一次。


whatever, light, help, break, knife71. The box is very _______, and I think I can lift itby myself.72. It is _________ to learn to use the Internet.73. My bike was ________ yesterday, I’d ask my brotherto repair it.74. ________ are used for cutting things.75. ________ happens, don’t be in a hurry.六、任务型阅读(本题有15小题;每小题1分;满分5分)Children’s education is very important in England. Children begin with primary education at the age of five, and this usually lasts until they are eleven. Then they move to middle schools. They stay there until they reach sixteen, seventeen or eighteen years old. After that, they can have higher education.The mainkinds of school are:State Schools (公立学校)Parents don’t need to pay for their children’sschooling.Private Schools (私立学校)Parents pay for their children’s education.Primary SchoolsIn the UK, primary schools are always close to children’s houses. Children stay with the same group throughout the day.Middle SchoolsMost children go to the middle school nearest to their houses at the age of 11.Public Schools (PrivateSchools)A public school is also called a private school. The most famous public schools are Eton, Harrow and Winchester. 7% of the children in England go to private schools. Parents pay for their children to go to these schools.Prep SchoolsA prep school is a school to prepare pupils to go to a public school. They are for kids between seven and eleven or thirteen years old.阅读漫笔内容和下面每小我私家的情况,为他们选择各自合适的学校种别,填写在横线上。76. Steven is 12 years old. He wants to be a studentin Eton School. _____________77. Susan is 11 years old. She wants to go to theschool nearest to her home. ___________78. John is 13 years old and his father is very poor._____________79. Lily is 5 years old. She lives with her mother,and her mother is very poor. ____________80. Jack is 9 years old. He wants to pass the exam andgo to a private school. ____________七、书面表达(20%)A. 社区要招收小学英语领导员。要求: 英语结果优秀,性格外向,喜欢孩子。请完成下面的招聘广告:Student teachers wantedOur center needs some student teachers.You must.81. You must ____________________.82. ___________________________.83. ___________________________.Please join us. Call center at 2045678 or email center2012@163.com.B. 学生应当遵守学校的规章制度。

请凭据以下要点提示,以School rules为题,叙述中学生应遵守的一些规章制度,并谈谈你的看法。80词左右,开头已给出,不计入总词数。要点提示:1. 在课堂上不乱讲话,要认真听老师授课,不带食物进课堂,保持课堂平静、清洁;2. 课后要定时完成作业;3. 在学校,要穿校服;4. 掩护学校的一草一木;5. 与老师和同学们友好相处。SchoolrulesEvery school has rules for students. As a student, wemust obey them. ____________________________________________________参考谜底:一、听力部门1-5 AC 6-10AB11-15 CABBC 16-20 ACBCA二、单项填空21-25 BABCD 26-30CBBAA三、完形填空31-35 BBDCC 36-40DBACD41-45 AACBD四、阅读明白46-50 BADCA51-55BDAAB56-60 BCCCB五、词汇运用61. patient 62. waste 63.mistakes 64. harder 65. open66. self 67. have invented 68. trying my best 69. mess 70. can71. light 72.helpful 73. broken 74. Knives 75.Whatever六、任务型阅读76. Public Schools 77.Middle Schools 78. State Schools79. Primary Schools 80.Prep Schools七、书面表达A. 81. be good at English 82. You must be outgoing. 83. You must like children.B. One possible version:School rulesEvery school has rules forstudents. As a student, we must obey them.First of all, in class,we shouldn’t talk but listen to the teachers carefully. We are not supposed totake food or drinks into the classroom. We should keep our classroom quiet andclean. Then, after class, we should finish our homework on time. One morething, we should wear our school uniforms in school. Besides, we should protecttrees, grass and flowers there because they make our school more beautiful. Atlast, we should get on well with our teachers and classmates.。