海德体育-官网入口—海德体育:干货!常用货代英文缩写汇总 赶快收藏

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这里从“所有航线共有的运输用度英语”、“常用海运术语”两方面临行业常用英文缩写做简朴小结。所有航线共有的运输用度英语:代码 英文解释 中文解释OCB OCEAN FRT. BOX 海运费CYC CY HANDLING CHARGE 日本口岸操作附加费IAC Intermodel Administrative Charge 多式联运附加费SPS Shanghai Port Surcharge 上海港附加费YAS Yen Applica surcharge 日元钱币附加费ACC ALAMEDA CORRIDOR 绿色通道费CAF Currency Adjustment Factor or Devaluation Surcharge 币值调整费CUC Chassis Usage 托盘使用费DDC DEST. DELIVERY CHARGEEBS Emergent Bunker Surcharge 紧迫燃油附加费EMS Emergency Surcharge(near the war field) 紧迫战争附加费ERS EQUIP. REST. SURCH 空箱调运费FSC Fuel Surcharge 燃油附加费GRI GEN RATE INCREASE 运费普遍增长 CongestioNLLO Lift on / Lift off 上下车费ODB OCB, DDC and BAFORC Original Receiving Charge 启运港接货费OWS OVERWEIGHT SURCHAARGE 超重附加费PCF Panama Canal Fee 巴拿马运河费PCS Port Congestion Surcharge 口岸拥挤费PSC Port Service Charge 口岸服务费PSS Peak season surcharge 旺季附加费SCF Suez Canal Fee 苏伊士运河费SPS Shanghai Port Surcharge 上海港附加费BAF Bunkering Adjustment Fee 燃油附加费CFS CFS Charge 集装箱场站用度COD Charge of Diversion 转港费DHC Dest. Terminal Handling Charge 目的港口岸附加费DIB ’ Destination Inland (Box) 目的港内陆附加费EFS Emergency Fuel Surcharge 燃油附加费IMO IMCO additional 危险品附加费LHC Loading port Terminal Handling Charge 装港口岸附加费OIB Original Inland (Box) 启运港内陆附加费WRS War Risk Surcharge 战争风险附加费ISPS INTERNATIONAL SHIP AND PORT FACILITY SECURITY CHARGE 国际船舶和口岸宁静用度Suez Canal Surcharge 苏伊士运河附加费Transhipment Surcharge 转船附加费Direct Additional 直航附加费Port Surcharge 口岸附加费Port Congestion Surcharge 口岸拥挤附加费Heavy-Lift Additional 超重附加费Long Length Additional 超长附加费Cleaning Charge 洗舱费Fumigation Charge 熏蒸费Ice Surcharge 冰冻附加费Optional Fees or Optional Additional 选择卸货港附加费Alteration Charge 变换卸货港附加费Deviation Surcharge 绕航附加费ICD INLAND CONTAINER DEPOT 内陆集装箱装卸站常用海运术语:ANERA:ASIA NORTH AMERICA EASTBUND RATE AGREEMENT远东-北美越太平洋航线东向运费协定A/W: ALL WATER 全水陆APPLY TO CUSTOMS: 报关 ( DECLARATION==CLEAR FROM CUSTOMS)ANTIDATED B/L: 倒签提单AMS: AUTOMATED MANIFEST SYSTEM 美国24小时前提交载货清单划定TWRA:TRANS PACIFIC WESTBOUND RATE AGREEMENT 泛太平洋西向运费同盟BAF: BUNKER ADJUSTMENT FACTOR 燃油附加费B/L: BILL OF LADING 提单BAY PLAN: 配载图CAF:CURRENCY ADJUSTMENT FACTOR 钱币贬值附加费CY: CONTAINER YARD 集装箱堆场CFS:CONTAINER FREIGHT STATION 拼货拆装箱场所COLLECT:到付CARGO RECEIPT: 货物签收单CUSTOMS BROKER: 报关行COC:CARRIER’S OWNED CONTAINER 船东箱CNTR NO.: CONTAINER NO. 柜号CBM: CUBE METER 立方米CUFT: CUBE FEET 立方材(乘以35.315=CBM)CLP: CONTAINER LOADING PLAN 集装箱装载图DDC: DESTINATION DELIVERY CHARGE 目的港收货用度DST: DOUBLE STACK TRAIN 双层火车运送DOC: DOCUMENT FEE 文件费DEMURRAGE CHAGE: 超期堆存费DETENTION: 滞箱费D/O: DELIVERY ORDER 提货单DEVANNING: 拆柜(=UNSTUFFING)DOCK RECEIPT: 场站货物收据ETA:ESTIMATED TIME OF ARRIVAL 预计到达日ETD: ESTIMATED TIME OF DEPARTURE 预计开航日EBS: EMERGENCY BUNKER SURCHARGE 燃油附加费ETC: ESTIMATED TIME OF CLOSING 结关日EDI: ELECTRONIC DATA INTERCHANGE 电子数据转换FEU: FORTY FOOT EQUIVALENT UNITS 40’尺柜简称FAF: FUEL ADJUSTMENT FACTOR 燃油附加费FLAT RACK: 平板货柜FO: FREE OUT 船边交货FIO: FREE IN & OUT 承运方式的一种,表现船公司不卖力双方的装卸费FCL: FULL CONTAINER CARGO LOAD 整柜FAK: FREIGHT ALL KINDS 不分ITEM 计价FMC: FEDERAL MARITIME COMMISSION 美国联邦海事委员会FIATA: INT’L FEDERATION OF FORWARDING AGENTS ASSOCIATION 国际货运承揽同盟GOH: GARMENT ON HANGER 吊衣柜GRI: GENERAL RATE INCREASE 一般运费调高GULF PORT: 指美国靠墨西哥湾之口岸HAFFA: 香港货运物流业协会 HONGKONG ASSOCIATION FREIGHT FORWARDING AND LOGISTICS LTD.H/C: HANDLING CHARGE 手续费HQ: HIGH CUBE 高柜IPI: INTERIOR POINT INTERMODAL 美海内陆公共运输点IA: INDEPENDENT ACTION 运费同盟会员接纳的一致措施.IATA: INT’L AIR TRANSPORT ASSOCIATION 国际航空运输协会LCL: LESS THAN CONTAINER CARGO LOAD 拼箱货L/L: LOADING LIST 装船清单L/C: LETTER OF CREDIT 信用证NVOCC: NON VESSEL OPERATING COMMON CARRIER 无船承运人MLB: MINI LAND BRIDGE 美国大陆桥MANIFEST: 舱单MATE’S RECEIPT: 大副签收单O/F: OCEAN FREIGHT 海运费ORC: ORIGINAL RECEIVING CHARGE 原产地收货费OCEAN B/L: 海运提单OUT PORT CHARGE: 非基本港附加费ON BOARD DATE: 装船日PARTIAL SHIPMENT: 分批装运PSS: PEAK SEASON SURCHARGE 旺季附加费PCC/PCS: PANAMA CANEL CHARGE/SURCHARGE 巴拿马运河费PCF: PORT CONSTRUCTION FEE 口岸建设费P/P: FREIGHT PREPAID 运费预付PNW: PACIFIC NORTHWEST 远东至北美太平洋北部地域之航线简称PSW: PACIFIC SOUTHWEST 远东至北美太平洋南部地域之航线简称PORT SURCHARGE: 口岸附加费POA: PLACE OF ACCEPTANCE 收货地POL: PLACE OF LOADING 装货地、起运港POD: PLACE OF DISCHARGE 卸货地PTI: PRE-TRIP INSPECTION 冻柜检测参数RIPI-REVERSE IPI : 由大西洋口岸进入内陆R/T: REVENUE TON 计费单元RRS:RATE RESTORATION SURCHARGE 运价调整SOC: SHIPPER’S OWNED CONTAINER 自备箱S/O: SHIPPING ORDER 订舱单SEAL NO.: 铅封号SEAWAY BILL: 随船提单STORAGE: 仓储费STUFFING: 装柜SHIPPING ADVICE: 装船通知书S/C: SERVICE CONTRACT 运送契约TEU: TWENTY FOOT EQUIVALENT UNITS 20尺柜简称THC: TERMINAL HANDLING CHARGE 码头费USWC: UNITED STATE WEST COAST 美国太平洋西岸之口岸USEC: UNITED STATE EAST COAST 美国太平洋东岸之口岸VSL/VOY: VESSEL/VOYAGE船名航次YAS: YEN ADJUSTMENT SURCHARGE 日元贬值附加费ACI:ADVANCE COMMERCIAL INFORMATIONDEMURRANGE/STORAGE: 仓租DETENTION: 柜租D/O:DELIVERY ORDER 到货通知L/C:LETTER OF CREDIT 信用证C/O: CERTIFICATE OF ORIGIN 原产地证明书,证明货物产或制造地的证件FORM A:普惠制产地证某些国家给予我国一些优惠政策作为入口海关减免关税的依据,如:英、美、德、瑞士、瑞典、芬兰等。1. 干货集装箱(DRY CARGO CONTAINER)2. 散货集装箱(BULK CONTAINER)如:装谷物,树脂等3. 冷藏集装箱(REEFER CONTAINER,RF)4. 敞顶集装箱(OPEN-TOP CONTAINER,OT)即开顶柜5. 框架集装箱(PLAT FORM BASED CONTAINER)6. 牲畜集装箱(PEN CONTAINER)7. 罐式集装箱(TANK CONTAINER,TK)8. 汽车集装箱(CAR CONTAINER)CLG: Closing Date 结关日ETD:Estimated time of departure 预计离港日ETA::Estimated time of arrival 预计到港日。