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本文摘要:be made for 生来就适合……She was not made for mean and shabby surroundings. 她天生受不了穷苦寒酸的日子。Jim and Mary seem to be made for one another. 吉姆和玛丽看来是天生一对。be made from 由……制成(看不见原料)Wine is made from grapes. 葡萄酒是用葡萄酿制的。


be made for 生来就适合……She was not made for mean and shabby surroundings. 她天生受不了穷苦寒酸的日子。Jim and Mary seem to be made for one another. 吉姆和玛丽看来是天生一对。be made from 由……制成(看不见原料)Wine is made from grapes. 葡萄酒是用葡萄酿制的。

be made of 由……制成(看得见原料)Her wedding ring is made of diamond. 她的婚戒是钻石的。be made to one's own measure 量身定做The beautiful dress was made to her own measure. 这条漂亮的裙子是为她量身定做的。be meant for 天生,天造地设He is not meant for a soldier and will always be unhappy in the army. 他天生不是投军的料,在队伍里他永远不会快乐的。

The building was meant for storage. 那座楼是要做堆栈用的。be meant to be 被认为是You're meant to be impolite if you don't take off your shoes when you enter a Hindu temple. 当你进入印度教寺庙时,如果不脱鞋,是不礼貌的。be meat and drink to sb. 让人开心的事物,是某人快乐的源泉,精神寄托Scandal and gossip are meat and drink to him. 种种丑闻和蜚语飞语是他最感兴趣的事。

To some old people, raising pets is their meat and drink. 对有些暮年人来说,养宠物是他们的精神寄托。be modest about 对……谦虚The great scientist is modest about his achievements. 这位伟大的科学家对自己的成就很谦逊。be native to 原产于某地Plants like tobacco and potatoes are native to America. 烟草、番茄这样的植物原产于美洲。

be nervous of/about 紧张,惊骇,担忧I'm nervous of being in large crowds. 我在公开场合之下感应胆怯。Don't be nervous about me, I'll get along somehow. 不要为我费心,我会设法敷衍已往。

be new to 对……来说很新鲜As a beginner,everything is new to him. 他刚起步,一切对他来说都很新鲜。be nothing to sb. 对某人来说无所谓Don't talk anything about her. She is nothing to me. 别再谈她了。

对我来说,她无足轻重。be obliged to do 被迫去做某事If you do not drive carefully, I shall be obliged to deprive you of your licence. 如果您不审慎驾驶,我将不得不没收您的执照。be occupied in 从事,忙于He is fully occupied in looking after three small children. 他忙于照料三个小孩。

occupy oneself in doing sth.使……忙于;busy oneself in doing sth. 使……忙于be of great value 很有价值Regular exercise is of great value to your health. 经常磨炼对你的康健很有利益。This book will be of great value for your study. 这本书对你的研究事情将很有价值。

be of strong build 体格结实Athletes are usually of strong build. 运发动通常体格结实。He is a man of strong build. 他体格结实。

be on good terms with 与……某人友好I didn't know you were on good terms with her. 我不知道你和她关系密切。To be on good terms with other people, you should never use harsh words. 要想与别人和气相处,你绝不应用苛刻的言词。be on the go 很活跃I've been on the go all week. 我整个星期一直都在忙。

Happy, healthy people are always on the go. 康健快乐的人总是很活跃。be out of (the) fashion 不时尚All the clothes at the store are out of fashion. 这店里的衣服都不盛行了。Better be out of the world than out of fashinn. 与其不合潮水,不如超脱红尘。

反义短语 be in (the) fashion时尚be particular about 对……挑剔She's very particular about what she wears. 她对穿着很讲求。You have to be particular about what kind of people you rent your own home to. 屋子出租时,你得仔细挑选房客。be patient with 对……有耐心Teachers should be patient with children. 老师对孩子们要有耐心。

高考链接— You know,Bob is a little slow_________understanding, so...— So I have to be patient_________him. A. in;withB. on;withC. in;toD. at;for剖析A。句意为“鲍勃在明白方面有点缓慢”“所以我必须耐心对他。”A 项切合题意。

be peculiar to 对……来说是特有的He is studying an accent that is peculiar to the north of the region. 他正在研究该地北部奇特的口音。These are the customs peculiar to the Americans. 这些是美国人所特有的民俗习惯。be pleased with 对……感应满足Are you pleased with the new flat? 你对新公寓满足吗?同义短语 be happy with, be satisfied with, be content with对……感应满足be poor in 在……贫乏This is a country that is poor in minerals. 这是一个缺乏矿产的国家。

反义短语 be rich in 盛产,富含be popular with 受……接待She's very popular with her pupils. 她很受学生接待。This new product is expected to be popular with environmentally aware customers. 这种新产物一定会在环保者中很是盛行。be prepared for 有准备I knew there were problems, but I was not prepared for this. 我知道有些问题,却未推测这一点。相关短语 prepare for为……做准备;make preparations for为……做准备be present at 出席Two hundred people were present at the meeting. 共有两百人到会。

反义短语 be absent from 缺席,不在场be prior to 优先于,在……之前The badly wounded is prior to others for medical attention. 重伤者比别人优先获得治疗。He fell ill with fever during the week prior to the meeting. 在集会前一周,他患病发烧了。比力① be senior to 职位、级别、年事高于He is senior to me. 他职位比我高。② be junior to 低于She is junior to me. 她职位比我低。

③ be prior to 在……之前(=before)It happened prior to my arrival. 这事发生在我到达之前。④ be superior to 优越于He is superior to other students in his class. 他比班里其他学生强。⑤ be inferior to 低于,次于I consider this one to be inferior to that one. 我认为这个要比谁人差。be proud of 以……自豪,因……满足They were proud of their success. 他们为自己的乐成而自满。

Be someone you can be proud of. 做一个你值得自豪的人。同义短语 take pride in以……自豪be punctual for 准时You should be punctual for appointments. 你应该准时赴约。I have to go now because I must be punctual for class. 我现在得走了, 因为我得准时去上课。

be related to 有关系He is related to her by marriage. 他与她是姻亲。He claims to be distantly related to the British royal family. 他声称自己与英国王室是远亲。相关短语 relate to涉及, 关系到,与……有关be responsible for 对……卖力He denied that he was responsible for the accident. 他否认自己对此事故卖力。

be rewarded for 因……而获得酬劳He was rewarded for his bravery. 他因体现勇敢而获得赞赏。You will be rewarded for your excellent business result, leadership and team work. 您将因您的优秀业绩、向导力和团队精神而获得夸奖。

be rich in 含有富厚的……Kuwait is rich in oil resources. 科威特蕴藏富厚的石油资源。Children's lunch should be rich in nutrition. 儿童的午餐应该营养富厚。be rough on 对……粗暴Don't be too rough on her. She's only a child and didn't know she was doing wrong. 不要对她太苛刻。她只是个孩子,并不知道她做了错事。

同义短语 be hard on sb.对……苛刻be rude to 对……无礼He is increasingly rude to me. 他对我越来越没有礼貌了。反义短语 be polite to对……有礼貌;be friendly to 对……友好be sad over 因……而伤心She is still very sad over the death of her aunt. 她对姑妈的死至今仍伤心不已。高考链接Jenny was very sad over the loss of the photos she had shot in Canada,_________this was a memory she especially treasured. A. asB. ifC. whenD. where剖析A。as 表现原因,句意为“珍妮因为丢了在加拿大拍的照片而伤心不已,因为这是她特别珍惜的影象”。

A项切合题意。be satisfied with 对……满足I'm not at all satisfied with the present situation. 我对现状一点也不满足。be second to 次于……As a football player, John is second to none. 作为一名足球队员,约翰可是首屈一指的。

be sensitive to 对……过于敏感,体贴的,善解人意的She is sensitive to what people think of her. 她对别人怎么看她很敏感。be separate from 和……离开The success of any commercial activity cannot be separate from a big, strong advertising attack. 任何商业运动的乐成,都离不开强大的广告攻势。

The purpose of education should be to create an academic environment that is separate from the outside world. 教育的目的应该是要缔造出一个与外界隔离的学术情况。be set in 以……为配景The novel is set in pre-war London. 这部小说以战前的伦敦为配景。be severe with 对……严厉He is very severe with his children. 他看待孩子们很严格。

be shocked at 对……感应震惊His mother was shocked at the news. 他的母亲听到这消息感应震惊。She was shocked at the sight of the man. 瞥见谁人男子,她很震惊。be short for 是……的缩写(简称)UN is short for the United Nations. UN是the United Nations(团结国)的缩写。

相关短语 for short 简写,缩写be short of 短缺Hilary went to the bank because she was short of money. 希拉里去银行取钱,因为她缺钱用。This is a shock task. It'll be no good to be short of hands. 这是一项突击任务,人少了不济事。同义短语 be lack of,be lacking in缺少be sick for 盼望He was sick for a sight of her by then. 在这期间他很是盼望看到她。同义短语 be eager for, be dying for, be thirsty for, long for盼望be sick in bed 病在床上When I was a child, I usually thought it was a good luck to be sick in bed. 小时候,我经常以为生病在床是很幸运的。

be sick of 对……感应厌倦I'm heartily sick of your endless complaints. 我对你没完没了的诉苦感应不厌其烦。I am sick of eating the same things day after day. 我厌倦了天天都吃同样的工具。be sick with 患……病He is sick with influenza. 他患流感了。

同样短语 fall ill with患……病be similar to 类似于Her job is broadly similar to mine. 她的事情和我的大要相似。be skilled in 擅长He is skilled in keeping accounts. 他精于记账。Life is like a boat. Everybody must learn to be skilled in boating. 人生犹如一艘船,人人都应该有掌舵的本事。be slow in 学得慢,缓慢She's slow in understanding what she is told to do. 人家告诉她该做些什么事,她总是明白得很慢。

He used to be slow in class, but now he is getting ahead. 他已往是班中的差生,但现在他在进步。be soft on 对……手软We must not be soft on enemies. 我们对敌人绝不能手软。Now, be soft on the children. 喂,对孩子要温柔一些。

反义短语 be hard on, be rough on对……卤莽,苛刻be sound asleep 酣睡He was still sound asleep when I went in.我走进去时他还在酣睡。同义短语 be fast asleep 酣睡be starving for 盼望,迫切需要They are starving for knowledge. 他们盼望知识。The plants are starving for water. 这些植物极需要水。be strict in sth./with sb. 对……要求严格She is strict not only in her work but also with the students. 她不光对教学事情要求严格,而且对学生要求也很严格。

be strongly opposed to 坚决阻挡He was not so strongly opposed to the idea as the others. 他不像其他人那样猛烈地阻挡这个看法。Several of the delegates are known to be strongly opposed to the idea. 有几位代表是强烈阻挡这种意见的。同义短语 be dead against坚决阻挡be struck by 被感动I am still struck by the native beauty of the lake. 我仍然为湖泊的自然美所吸引。

The man was struck by her beauty and followed her everywhere she went. 谁人男子被她的仙颜吸引,她到哪儿他都随着。be subjected to 遭受,受到……Let all theories be subjected to the bright clear light of practice. 我们必须把所有的理论都拿到实践的阳光中去磨练。No Hong Kong resident shall be subjected to arbitrary or unlawful arrest, detention or imprisonment. 香港住民不受任意非法逮捕、拘留或者羁系。

be suited for 合适,能够胜任He is admirably suited for the job. 他很是适合担任这个事情。The astronauts were training hard so that they could be suited for the exploration of Mars. 宇航员在举行艰辛的磨炼,以便能适应火星探索。be suited to 适合于Her speech was well suited to the occasion.她的讲话在这个场所十分得体。

同义短语 be suitable for适合于be sunk in thought 陷入沉思The couple were sunk in thought.伉俪俩都陷入了沉思。同义短语 be deep in thought/be lost in thought陷入沉思be superior to 优于Fresh coffee is superior to instant coffee.新鲜咖啡比速溶咖啡好。反义短语 be inferior to次于,不如be supposed to do 应该Vitamin C is supposed to prevent colds. 维生素C被认为能预防伤风。He is supposed to be back at the base by seven. 他应该在7点以前回到基地。

I was supposed to have come but I had an unexpected guest. 我本该到的,但那时我有一个不速之客。be sure of 坚信,确信I believe him. I am sure of his honesty.我相信他。我坚信他为人老实。

be surprised at 对……感应惊讶I was surprised at the smallness of his house. 他的屋子那么小,我感应奇怪。be suspicious of 怀疑I'm somewhat suspicious of his intentions.对他的意图我有几分怀疑。he locals tend to be suspicious of strangers. 当地人对生疏人往往有戒心。

be sweet on sb. 热恋某人That young fellow seems to be sweet on your sister. 那年轻小伙子似乎爱上了你妹妹。be taken up with 专心于He can't help;he's too taken up with his own problems. 他帮不了忙,他自己的事都应付不了。He seems to be very much taken up with that pretty French girl. 他似乎对谁人漂亮的法国女人很感兴趣。be thirsty for 盼望Young man should be thirsty for knowledge. 青年人应该盼望知识。

同义短语 见be sick forbe through with 竣事,完成Let me know when you're through with the bathroom. 你用完浴室后告诉我一声。Are you through with your work? 你的事情完成了吗?be tied up with 被拴住,被占用She was tied up with the housework all day. 她整天忙于家务。Their destiny is tied up with our destiny. 他们的运气与我们的运气是精密相连的。I am afraid I'll be tied up the rest of the week. 恐怕这个星期我都抽不出时间来。

be tired of 厌烦I'm tired of your never-ending complaints. 我听腻了你那没完没了的诉苦.You may be tired with reading, but you should not be tired of it. 看书可能使你疲劳,但不应该对看书感应厌烦。be tired from 因……而疲劳I thought the ants would be tired from their daylong work. 我认为这些蚂蚁可能因为整天的劳动而累了。

高考链接Every evening after dinner, if not_________from work, I will spend some time walking my dog. A. being tiredB. tiringC. tiredD. to be tired剖析C。考察省略句式。在if引导的条件状语从句中,从句中完整形式应为“if I am not tired from work”,凭据省略的原则,谜底应选C。

be tired out 疲倦极了He was tired out and wet through. 他已疲惫不堪,满身湿透。be to blame 该受责备It is I who am to blame. 应当卖力任的是我。高考链接Mr. Green stood up in defence of the 16-year-old boy, saying that he was not the one . A. blamedB. blamingC. to blameD. to be blamed剖析选C。

be to blame 为牢固搭配,用主动形式表达被动寄义,意为“应受责备”。在这句话中,to blame 做the one 的后置定语。

① blame sb. for sth. /doing sth.为某事责备某人/责备某人做了某事。Many children are afraid of being blamed for making mistakes in speaking English. 许多孩子畏惧讲英语时犯错误而受责备。His companion, blamed for the accident, had not been driving carefully. 他的同伴没有审慎驾驶,应对事故卖力。

② blame sth. on sb.把某事归罪于某人。如:The police blamed the traffic accident on Jack's careless driving. 警员把那起交通事故归罪于杰克的粗心驾驶。

It's no use blaming our defeat on him.把我们的失败归罪在他头上是没用的。③ be to blame for应为……负担责任;该为……受责备。注意,此处不能用被动语态。

如: He is more to blame than you. 是他更应受责备,而不是你。Who is to blame for starting the fire?这场火灾该由谁卖力?be too much for 太过,蒙受不了So many good ideas! It's too much for me to absorb all at once. 这么多好主意!太多了,很难一下完全吸收。

Anna's happiness was almost too much for her to bear. 安娜的幸福多得都让她蒙受不了。be true of ……亦是如此,对……也适用The food is good and the same is true of the service. 吃的工具很好, 服务质量也不错。

What applied to Jordan was even more true of Israel.适用于约旦的原则,对于以色列越发适用。高考链接Most of what has been said about the Smiths_________also true of the Johnsons. A. areB. isC. beingD. to be剖析选B。句子中缺少谓语动词,时态应为一般现在时,所说的话不行数,故B项最切合题意。

be unable to do sth. 不能做某事I was unable to answer the test questions regarding the Civil War. 我回覆不出关于南北战争的试题。反义短语 be able to do能够做某事be unconscious of 不知道,未察觉He is unconscious of having made a serious error. 他未察觉到已犯了严重的错误。反义短语 be conscious of 察觉到,意识到be uneasy about 对……感应不安Don't be uneasy about the consequence. 不必为结果忧虑不安。反义短语 be/feel easy about对……感应放心,舒服be unequal to 无法胜任……的,不即是He is unequal to dealing with the problem. 他没有能力处置惩罚该问题。

He proved to be unequal to the job. 他不能胜任谁人事情。反义短语 be equal to 能够胜任,即是be unfit for 不适合,不胜任This meat is found to be unfit for human consumption. 这种肉被发现不适合人类食用。She is unfit for such a senior position. 她不胜任这个高级职务。

反义短语 be fit for 适合于be up to 能胜任某事,忙于What are you up to? 你在忙什么?He is not up to his work. 他不能胜任他的事情。He's not up to hosting the party. 要他主持晚会,他不胜任。

be up to sb. 取决于某人It is up to you to decide when we will start. 这该由你来决议我们什么时候出发。高考链接— Shall I give you a ride as you live so far away?— Thank you._______. A. It couldn't be better.B. Of course you can.C. If you like.D. It's up to you.剖析选A。

句意为:“你住得这么远,要不要我送你一程?” “谢谢你,那太好不外了。”选项A切合情境需要。couldn't 或can't与比力级连用,表现“再……不外”。

be up to your neck in 深陷于Laura, it seems you are up to your neck in work. 劳拉,你看上去事情忙得不行开交。be weak in 在……方面不擅长He was weak in mathematics, but good at English. 他数学差,但英语好。be wedded to 献身于,致力于He is wedded to his work. 他专心致志于事情。

He is wedded to his pipe. 他烟斗从不离嘴。be welcome to do 可随意做某事You are welcome to use my car any time.你可随时用我的汽车。be well grounded in 基础很好The class is well grounded in grammar. 这个班的语法根底很好。

be well worth doing 很值得做This film is well worth seeing. 这部影戏很有看头。That place is well worth visiting. 谁人地方很值得一去。

be wild with joy 欣喜若狂They are wild with joy when “their” player or team wins. 当“他们的”选手或运发动赢告捷利时,他们欣喜若狂。They were wild with joy on hearing the good news. 一听到这个好消息,他们都欣喜若狂。

be willing to do 乐意做某事He is not willing to run the risk of losing his money. 他不愿冒赔钱的风险。I must be willing to give whatever it takes not to harm other people and, in fact, to do good to them. 我一定乐于奉献出所需要的一切,不伤害他人,与人为善。be without equal 无可匹敌His cooking is without equal. 他的烹饪手艺无与伦比。

同义短语 be without a rival没有对手be worn out 累坏了,穿坏的,磨损的,破旧的She's worn out after a long hard day. 累了整整一天,她筋疲力尽了。His patience was worn out at last. 他终于忍耐不下去了。I never expected the shoes to be worn out so soon. 我从来没有想到鞋子这么快就穿破了。be worried about 担忧People are becoming increasingly worried about pollution. 人们对污染越来越感应忧虑。

be worse off 处境较坏,情况恶化The just man is always worse off than the unjust man. 正义者往往比非正义者处境更糟。If you lose your job, we'll be worse off. 如果你丢掉了事情,我们的境况就更惨了。

① be better off 更富有,境况更好His business is doing well. In fact, he is better off now than he ever was. 他的生意做得不错。实际上,他比以往任何时候都更富足了。

② be well off 生活宽裕的,幸运的If he had worked harder when young, he would be well off now. 如果他年轻时多努力一点,现在就能过得舒服些。③ be worse off 处境更糟,更贫穷He is far worse off than you are. 他的境况比你糟糕得多。

be worth (doing) 值得(做)Trust me! The game is really worth playing. 相信我!这游戏确实值得一玩。知识链接The book is worth reading.The book is worthy of being read.The book is worthy to be read.It is worthwhile to read the book. 这本书值得一读。

be wrong with 有点毛病,有些不舒服What's wrong with the car? It won't start. 这辆车出了什么故障?发动不起来了。Something must be wrong with the metre. 计价器一定有毛病。知识链接What's wrong with you? (=What's the matter with you?)你怎么了?bear the blame 负担责任The President has to bear the blame. 总统难辞其咎。

I always had to bear the blame for my naughty son, who used to make trouble at school. 我通常得代淘气的儿子赔不是,他经常在学校里惹是生非。bear with 容忍We have to bear with his bad temper because he is a bit frustrated these days. 我们不得不容忍他的坏脾气因为这些日子他有点暮气沉沉。Bear with evil, and expect good. 坏事要忍,好事要等。bear witness to 为……作证We can bear witness to his innocence. 我们能证明他无罪。

The bullet holes on the bridge bear witness to a period of history. 桥上的累累弹痕,是一段历史的见证。bear sth. in mind 记着You must bear in mind that your parents hope to depend on you to become a good doctor. 你要记着,你的怙恃指望你成为一名好医生。同义短语 keep sth. in mind记着beat around the bush 旁敲侧击Don't beat around the bush, come straight to the point. 请直截了当地说,不要转弯抹角。知识链接beat around the bush出自公元12世纪的英国围猎用语。

从前英国贵族围猎时先派人在树丛周围用枝条小心抽打,把潜藏在内里的猎物吓得四处逃跑,好让那些贵族开枪或射箭,这就是beat around the bush的由来。由于语言随着时代演变,这习语已经转义为“旁敲侧击、含沙射影”。beat off/back 击退Our soldiers beat off the attacks of the enemy many times. 我们的战士击退了敌人的多次进攻。

We eventually beat the enemy back after several days of bloody battles. 经由几天的浴血奋战,我们终于击退了敌人。because of 因为All flights have been cancelled because of fog. 因为有雾所有航班都已取消。

近义短语 due to;thanks to;on account of因为before long 不久以后I hope to hear from you before long. 我希望不久就能收到你的信。比力long before“在……以前良久,良久以前”。

可接从句,也可以什么都不接,这时before是副词。如:Mark learned to read long before he started school. 马克上学之前很早就学会了看书。He told me that he had seen the film long before. 他告诉我他早就看过这部影戏了。

beg a favor of sb. 请某人帮个忙I beg a favor of you. 我有一件事求您。I have a favor to beg of you. 我有事要托付你。begin with 从……开始Letters usually begin with “Dear Sir” or “Dear Madam” or the person's name or title. 信件一般以“亲爱的先生”或“亲爱的夫人”或以人名或尊称开头。

They began the party with an English song. 他们用一首英语歌曲开始这场晚会。相关短语 to begin with首先,第一behind bars 在牢狱服刑He was for putting bad men behind bars. 他赞成将坏人关进牢狱。He spent three years behind bars. 他蹲了三年牢房。

behind one's back 背着某人She pretends to like you, but talks about you behind your back. 她冒充喜欢你,但在背后品评你。She is used to speaking ill of others behind their back. 她习惯了背后说别人坏话。behind schedule 晚了工期,落伍于预定计划The project is behind schedule again. 这项计划又没定时完成。

The flight is behind schedule. 班机误点了。We are twenty minutes behind schedule. 我们晚点了20分钟。behind closed doors 秘密地It was a bitter debate behind closed doors. 那是一场秘密的猛烈辩说。

We held the conference behind closed doors. 我们秘密地举行了这次集会。Everything was going on behind closed doors. 一切都在秘密地举行着。behind the times 落伍于时代It goes without saying that the ideology is behind the times. 不用说,那种意识形态是落伍的。They regarded me as “old-fashioned” and behind the times. 他们认为我“老土”,不识时务。

behind time 拖后,至指定时间之后The train was 10 minutes behind time. 火车晚到了十分钟。同义短语 behind schedule落伍于预定计划believe it or not 信不信由你Believe it or not, we were left waiting in the rain for two hours. 信不信由你, 我们冒雨一直等了两个小时。Believe it or not, it was a hug that changed my mind. 信不信由你,是一个拥抱改变了我的心情。高考链接— According to my grandma, it is a good idea to eat chicken soup when you have a cold.—_______, scientists agree with her. A. Sooner or laterB. Once in a whileC. To be exactD. Believe it or not剖析选D。

sooner or later早晚;once in a while偶然;to be exact确切地说;believe it or not信不信由你。只有D项切合题意。bell the cat 为别人冒险All the workers agreed that they wanted a pay increase, but nobody offered to bell the cat and talked to their employer. 所有的工人都认为要加薪,但却没人自告奋勇去跟老板谈。知识链接bell the cat是成语to hang the bell about the cat's neck的简略,原意是“给猫的脖子上挂铃铛”。

它来自《伊索寓言》(Aesop's Fables)中的《老鼠集会》(The Mice in Council)。这篇寓言讲的是:一群老鼠在鼠洞里举行集会,讨论如何敷衍凶狠的猫。白髯毛老鼠提出:“我有个方法,在猫的脖子上挂一个铃。

这样,猫一走动铃就响,我们就可以闻铃声而逃避了。”群鼠一致同意这个建议,欢呼:“That's a capital idea.We will bell the cat!No more fear of the cat!”可是,谁去给猫挂铃铛呢?没有一只老鼠敢去,一个个都溜掉了。

寓言所表达的意思很明确:遇到难题的时候,既需要有出谋献策的人,更需要有挺身而出的实干家。belong to 属于某人I belong to no party. 我不属于任何派别。

They belong to the same generation. 他俩同辈。高考链接Professor Williams keeps telling his students that the future_________to the well-educated. A. belongsB. is belongedC. is belongingD. will be belonged剖析选A。belong to 意为“属于”,不能用于被动式或举行时,A项切合题意。

bend one's mind to 潜心于,把心思集中于He couldn't bend his mind to his studies. 他不能专心学习。同义短语 bend one's efforts to专心致志于;devote oneself to致力于;be lost in沉醉在……;be absorbed in沉醉在……beneath notice 不值得注意Their insults should be beneath your notice. 他们的侮辱不值得你剖析。Such local events are beneath the notice of the largest newspapers. 这类地方性事件在几家主要报社眼里是不值得报道的。

The rude remarks of such an ill-mannered man are beneath my notice. 对这样一个莽汉的这些卤莽无礼的话我是不会往心上放的。benefit from 得益于……You will benefit from experience. 你一定会从履历中获得益处。Many families in need benefit from his charity. 许多需要资助的家庭因为他的善举而受益。比力benefit使……受益;benefit from从……中受益,这两个词的意思正好相反。

如:His invention has benefited many people.他的发现让许多人受益。Many people have benefited from his invention. 许多人从他的发现中受益。beside oneself with joy 欣喜若狂She was beside herself with joy when she heard the news. 她听到消息后欣喜若狂。

He was beside himself with joy when his wife gave birth to their first child. 妻子生下第一个孩子时他欣喜若狂。